Gordon Hammond

Gordon Hammond is a travel photographer, videographer, writer, author, musician, web designer, graphic designer, creative advertising copyrighter and travel lecturer. He has won awards for his photography and writing and his work has appeared in over sixty national and international publications. His wife, Sally, is a widely published author and writer and together they have combined their complementary skills and resources to  established a formidable reputation as a highly professional team with a quality product.      
In recent years he has been increasingly in demand as a destination and special interest lecturer on cruise ships. Having lived and travelled in Asia and Australia for most of his life he is regarded as an authority on the Asia-Pacific region.

His particular skill is to capture 'life as it happens', a valuable asset for a travel photographer. His images have illustrated numerous travel brochures and magazines. He works quickly and does not endeavour to manipulate the subject matter. A high level of authenticity is very apparent in his work, whether capturing faces, nature, life in a city or the beauty of a landscape. With a keen eye, a natural gift of timing and understanding of natural light he has developed a distinctive style which particularly complements Sally's writing.

The recent transition to movie production has been natural progression with the advances in the technology of modern cameras as well as the increasing demand for up-to-date live action. Again, his videos capture the essence of the moment. His top ten videos have received more that 110,000 views on YouTube, with an unspecified number of viewings on private and tourism sites. For example, the barging company in France who hosted the Hammond's posted his video on The Delights of Rosa on their website and received 34,000 views in the first year.


tel: 612 9918 2997